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Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency Specialty Hospital

The Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency Specialty Hospital is committed to the highest quality 24-hour intensive and specialty care for small animals. Our 24/7 pet emergency hospital and staff are fully dedicated to enhancing the unique relationship between humans and companion animals by providing the best care possible. We serve veterinarians and pet owners of the tri-state region (Indiana, Ohio and Michigan) as an emergency animal hospital and veterinary referral center for competent, compassionate, and timely veterinary care.

Kende H

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Dr KT was very patient with us yesterday. She had a diagnosis quickly and answered our questions. I couldn’t be more grateful for the staff there being so compassionate and accommodating… we needed that extra comfort. You all are angels. Thank you so much.

Karin T

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My sweet panther girl was suffering and I didn’t know why. The staff acted quickly to help. They cared for my baby as though she was their own. It didn’t turn out as I had hoped but the doctor talked me through it with compassion and honesty. I knew what to expect from after each decision I made. I was able to hold her in my arms as she parted. I knew that that would be the one thing I wanted/needed.

Raina S

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Staff was kind and caring both to our pet and family. Service was quick, even with the volume of pets that were being brought in. I received an update on my dog several hours after we left our pet in their care. Luckily, we were able to take our dog home within 24 hours. Cost was clearly explained and finial cost was less than the estimates. Staff explained discharge instructions well and I was comfortable taking my dog home to complete her care. I would recommend Northeast Veterinarian to anyone who has a pet emergency.

Theresa Z

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My girl had her TPLO surgery here. We loved our entire experience. The surgical team knows what they're doing and seem to work really well together, and we felt Mira was in good hands. Highly recommend.

Tammy H

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We were referred to NIVES by our Alpha Vet Clinic. Trooper had torn his CCL ligament in his right leg. We had our consultation and Trooper had his surgery the following morning. He is still recovering but it is improving every day. I am going to say that his recuperation was very stressful for us as I was sure it would not be healing as it should when we returned for his eight week checkup. But he was doing really well and it is healing. I am thankful for Dr Coolman for doing an awesome job on his leg. The staff was wonderful as they took care of Trooper. I highly recommend them if your dog needs this type of surgery.

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Nelli is a 1yr female spayed Labrador Retriever. She was evaluated for persistent vomiting and progressive lethargy. Her owners reported that she was vomiting daily for almost a week. They were not aware of any toxins or foreign objects that she may have eaten.

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